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Unlock Potential presents :


Multi-day RETREAT in the lap of nature

“Unlock Potential” 


We all have more talents and more to offer than we dare to admit. If we realize our potential and have enough courage to count on it, we feel stronger, both at work, and outside of it. We are also happier.

During this week you will learn to recognize and use your talents. Let's not delay any longer. Realize your potential NOW and live your life to its fullest.

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Why must this period of reflection and rest be of great interest to you?

  • You take a break from the hustle and bustle of life and focus on what's really important.

  • You break through your habits, have a different perspective on things, and learn to be grateful.

  • You learn how to fully utilize free moments that you get in life.

  • You discover that you too deserve happiness and success.

  • You learn to make choices and also learn to distinguish the superfluous from the essential.

  • I teach you how to better distribute your energy between day tasks, work and leisure.

  • You begin to look at your family and friends as sources of enrichment rather than a burden.

  • You experience more freedom and less pressure from "what should".

  • Your confidence gets a boost and you shine again.

 During the retreat I will introduce you to the true POTENTIAL in you in a playful and relaxing manner.

I will show you how currently you are not using your full potential to get the best out of yourself.

I will present you with practically applicable solutions. Your learning and transformation will happen without hassle, while centering your attention to the natural environment around us.


24 to 31 may 2020 


1 week/7 nights

Mas Vermell - Fontanillas - Girona

Free progam + stay :  €950  

Discount fee for booking earlier than 29/02: €799 

Warm welcome at the site (4pm onwards)

Stay in double rooms. Bring a friend or make a friend! (Single with surcharge on request).

The rooms are designed as apartments with 1/2 bathrooms. There is a fully equipped kitchen and a private terrace.

Flight or trip cost is not included in the fee (see travel tips at the bottom of the page).



●    Outdoor swimming pool
●    Sun terrace
●    BBQ facilities
●    Terrace
●    Garden with a lawn
●    Herbs and vegetable garden
●    Parking is available on site. No reservation is required.
●    Electric bicycles.
●    Hairdryer.
●    Washing machine

An average level of physical health is required for outside exercises and walks. The retreat is not be suitable for people in burn out or with serious psychological problems. 


Sunday : Arrive and anchor 

4 pm Arrival
5 pm Opening ceremony
8 pm Dinner .
9 pm. Anchoring and relaxation


Monday : Clarify your intentions

9 am Introduction
10am Walk and breathe like a river
11am Awakening the senses in the local market
1 pm  Lunch
4 pm Soft activation of the five elements
8 pm Dinner
9 pm Practising gratitude


Tuesday : Get inspired and stimulate your dreams

9am Guided walk along the sea Cami di Ronda (earth element, wind)

1 pm unch

3 pm Creative exercises

6 pm Possibility to book a massage or reiki healing

8 pm Dinner

9 pm Sharing

Wednesday : Letting go with rituals

10am Excursion in the bay (water element)

1 pm Lunch

2pm free

7 pm Sunset ceremony ritual (fire element)

8 pm  Dinner

10 pm Relaxation and "journaling"

Thursday : Discover your full potential by the sea

Sunrise Breathing and gentle movements 1pm Lunch

3 pm Resource and natural elemet (earth element)

5pmPossibility of individual coaching

8pm Dinner 7:30

Friday: Day off to digest it all and enjoy life

Saturday : Choose the first step and commit

9am Climbing the mountain

1pm Lunch

5 pmEngagement and final ceremony

8 pm Dinner

10pm Saying goodbye and gifts t

Sunday : Departure

​12am departure


3 healthy meals per day are included. Water, coffee and tea are available all day. Other drinks are welcome but not included.

Tell us what your favorite dish is and we will happily put it on the menu.

Excursions & visits


Included if part of the program...
Electric bicycles are available for free for a short ride and for a small fee for a day or half a day.
Want to have your own trip? It's subject to the transport available and the cost is not included in the fee.


Wi-Fi is available in public areas. It's free. To optimally use your phone batteries, it is recommended the use of GSM is kept to a minimum.


We all speak our own language. I myself I  am multilingual and I like to adapt to the group. This is to ensure that the interactions remain nice and understandable and there are no language barriers affecting the social aspect of the retreat. My experience shows that this is the best way to connect.

Not completely convinced yet ? Read more :


What are we doing ? 

Everyday we work around a theme which brings us a step closer to our "full potential". We make full use of the elements of nature and the environment during our exercises. I always outline in advance the theoretical framework that is repeated throughout the course as a handy reference work. We give the others enough space and time to fully experience the transformation (often in silence) and then share their thoughts afterwards. Interaction is important, but stillness makes us think deep.

How does a day ago during counselling?

Everyday there is a moment of reflection over the proceedings of the program and a bit of relaxation. This happens both in group as well as individual sessions. One day we all go to the beach to greet the sun.

We eat a healthy breakfast followed by training and coaching that complement each other.

After lunch we give ourselves time to absorb things mentally, physically and emotionally and assimilate them. Some enjoy the swimming pool. Some spend time in the garden and explore the surroundings.

In the afternoon we continue to build upon the ground we have prepared so far, with an excursion or an exercise. I will also provide the necessary tools to explore our theme further.

The evening meal consists of some mindful food accompanied by gratitude.

Then I call it a day and facilitate the attendees to ingrain whatever they have learned. Afterwards the participants can go for an evening walk, jot down in the journal or simply relax in the surrounding area.

A healthy dose of relaxation 

We relax, rest and reflect. All the transformations that happen during the week are supposed to come to us on their own, at their own pace. We can't speed that up. It's about the experience, living through things  and absorbing them.

In between you can also explore the area with your own transport.

There are also some cultural activities

If you want, there are lots of interesting cultural sites in the area: museums (Dali), historic villages, monasteries, etc.

And also:


  • Eat together and share the fun moments

  • Laugh and have fun

  • Make time for each other and indulge in personal conversations

  • Have silent moments and get enough space to withdraw yourself

A few reactions from participants :


"Enriching, soothing and surprising. I derived energy, strength and vitality from it. It was an intense and deep connection with myself."


"It is a week I want to experience multiple times. I know that Muriel will ensure that it runs optimally, every time."


"No ordinary training or coaching, but a unique human experience."

Get definitive results in this retreat

  • Work together in a small group.

  • Use appropriate exercises to learn to be more of yourself.

  • Access proven methods to discover and utilize your own possibilities, in a fun way.

  • Get comfortable getting attention amidst a group.

  • Learn to listen to each other and comprehend each other.

  • Experience silence and let nature inspire you.

  • Learn to overcome your fright and restraint.

  • Experience the resonance of others within yourself.

  • Learn to look in the mirror and love yourself.

  • Regain your self-confidence.

  • Learn to push your limits by taking on a challenge.

  • Break bad habits.

I'm your personal coach and anchor point. We work in a framework where mutual trust is created.

This retreat is a succes formula

I would like to take along motivated people on the road to unlocking the potential. Motivation and dedication are important to have a beneficial and inspiring week together.

To preview in advance whether this inspirational week is for you or not, we organize a free counseling session. Need to know more? We can send you the needed information fast.


Thanks! Message sent.


Additional information – Travel and Airport:

In case you want to travel by plane, there is a choice of four different airports:

It is the closest to Fontanilles
Distance: 54 km
Travel duration: 45 minutes
Toll: It is possible to avoid toll roads.

Distance: 106 km
Travel duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Toll: Twice, € 3.5 and € 2.9, totalling € 6.4

Distance: 150 km
Travel duration: 1 hour and 50 minutes
Toll: Twice, € 1.61 and € 8.10, totalling € 9.71
Taking the coastal lane via Palamos is more convenient and also saves the toll fee.

Distance: 209 km
Travel duration: 2 hours and 35 minutes
Toll: Twice, totalling € 14.60


A bit of caution and advice:

If you rent a car, be careful with Goldcar! They may seem cheap at the outset, but are notorious for adding all sorts of surcharges to the final billing. You can find testimonials for other car renting services on Google.

When driving car, if you adhere to the speed limits, keep in mind that you may have to try for at least 12 hours.


This is an event organized by Muriel Vastenaekel for Unlock Potential.

Click here to return to the Unlock Potential website The number of participants is limited - Priority for existing Unlock Potential customers.  Your reservation is final after approval of participation and payment of the registration fee.

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