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Muriel Vastenaekel

I am professional trainer & (nature) coach with over 10 years of experience. 

People have much more potential than they realize.


It always excites me and fills me up with positive energy to help people develop their full potential. Happiness is not a coincidence. Through a combination of a change perspective, right choices and our attitude towards our individual situations, we can achieve happiness. 


More than 10 years of coaching & training experience 


I have closely worked with people from different work streams in various sectors and companies. I have worked as a Consultant in Change and Diversity and leaned your disposition determines the success of the entire transition process. The success of your transition process rests on how you interact with your colleagues and on the quality of your personal relationships. Constant engagement and involvement are essential to the growth of the company as well as the employee. 

I use my learning and my passion to reveal my customers opportunities... 


... to help them avoid tripping over hurdles. We often lose control over situations due to lack of confidence in our own abilities. This happens because we don't communicate enough about our own expectations and what we expect of others. 


The power lies within reach and I help you grab it... 

... with my own pragmatic approach. The Unlock Potential program is built around 3 basic pillars: Work & Career, Ambition & Ability and Personal Expectations & Attitude. It is scientifically proven that a natural environment is a powerful breeding ground. 

I look forward to meeting you soon and seeing you grow in everything you do. 




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EcoNidra relaxationtrainer, 2022

Professional children and youngster Coach, 2022

Resilience coaching, 2021

Walking coaching groups, 2021

Burn Out walking coaching, Coachbureau, 2020

Insights Discovery practitioner, 2020

Live the Connection, 2020

Metsämieli,(Forest Mind) 2019

Result-oriented Walkcoach, Het Coachbureau, 2018

NLP Master Practitioner, Ligue de l'enseignement 2017-2018

TriA Wandelcoach initiation, 2016

Intuitif Developement, Timotheus Project, 2016

Intro MBTI, Insights, 2015

OD Consultant, Continuous improvement, 2014

Diversity and Inclusive Leadership Practitioner, 2013

Certified coach, BAO, 2010-2013

HR Management, 2006

Project Management (PMBOK), 2003

Marketing Management, ICHEC, 2001

Master Interpreter NL/FR/EN, VLEKHO, 1993

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