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Unlock Your Potential – Career for employees and entrepreneurs

Take full control over your career path and land your dream job!


Our personalized career counselling is a form of individual coaching that helps you take a look at your career or your job up close. Throughout the coaching, our primary focus is on finding the meaningof your work. We will help you find your true talents and your energy sources. We will also seek help from nature that we believe has an enlightening effect on the way we think and perceive. During the time you spend with us, we will help you discover the tasks that give you joy and explore possibilities of using your talents in your career. This also involves reviewing your CV to highlight your true potential and then approach the job market accordingly. 

Why get career guidance?

  • You are unhappy with your work. 

  • Your duties and work responsibilities easily bore you or wear you down. 

  • You believe that the others have much nicer jobs. 

  • Nothing at work inspires you and you are simply driven by the routine. 

  • You constantly feel unappreciated or underappreciated. 

  • You don't get the salary you deserve. 

  • You find yourself stuck with your job with not enough courage to change. 

  • The feeling that the grass is greener elsewhere constantly nags you. 

What do you get out of our career counselling?

  • Better insight into your situation, where exactly you are, and where you want to be. 

  • Complete understanding of your position vis-à-vis the job market. 

  • Confidence to do the work you really want to do. 

  • Belief that you can do something that right now seems unattainable. 

  • Understanding of your own competencies and their professional practicality. 

  • The golden ratio or the perfect balance between what you do well and what you prefer to do. 

  • Ability to get the right help from your colleagues. 

  • Capability to be empowered, make suggestions, draw efficient plans and get involved at workplace productively. 

  • Understanding what job you want and how to get it. 

  • Assessment of agencies and courses that can help you change the direction of your career. 

Approach to changing your career 

My approach towards helping you change your career is participative. Every individual is unique, so is my approach is adapted according to that individual. 

During the initial interview you determine what goals you want to achieve and what you want to work towards so that an appropriate approach can be adopted. 

I use a mixture of tried-and-tested activities including self-reflection, talent exercise, personality test and sector test. 

At every opportunity we use nature as a metaphor and a facilitator of a calm mind.

Why Unlock Potential ? 

  • Realise own potential.

  • Personalised approach. 

  • Pragmatic method.

  • Individual guidance. 

  • Fast results. 

  • Experienced coach. 

  • Tailored assistance. 

  • No waiting list. 

  • Met loopbaan cheques van de VDAB betaal je iets meer dan 10 € /uur

  • Om de 6 jaar heb je recht op 2 cheques voor een totaal van 7uur

Voorwaarden : 

  • Je woont in Vlaanderen of Brussel. 

  • Je werkt momenteel voltijds of deeltijds als werknemer of zelfstandige.

  • Je werkte in de laatste twee jaar minimum een jaar als werknemer of zelfstandige.

  • Je volgde de voorbije zes jaar nog geen loopbaanbegeleiding.

Alle details over de loopbaancheques vind je op de website van de VDAB

Cheques bestel je online op mijn loopbaan of telefonisch op 0800 30 700

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