In Dutch , quintessence stands for what it is essentially about.

The heart of the matter. The heart.

That is exactly what we are looking for in this retreat.

Finding the essential in ourselves and focusing on what is essential to live life fully with confidence.

In ancient philosophy, quintessence is the fifth element, next to fire, air, water and earth. These five themes are interwoven in the program.

Why is this period of reflection and rest interesting to you ?

  • You take time to relax and reflect on what is important

  • You break habits and look at things differently and you learn to be grateful

  • You learn how to make better use of the free moments for yourself

  • You discover that happiness and success are also for you

  • You learn to make choices and to distinguish the superfluous from the essential

  • I explain how you can better distribute energy between daytime tasks, work and leisure time

  • You see again that family and friends are an enrichment for yourself, instead of a burden

  • You experience more freedom and less pressure from "what must"

  • You shine again because your self-confidence gets a boost

  In this RESURRECTION WEEK I will introduce you to the POTENTIAL that is inside you in a playful and relaxing way.

And that you do not use enough to get the best out of yourself and your life.

Simply cozy, practical to use

without hassle and with a lot

attention to the inspiring nature and environment


September 16 to 23, 2019

week / 7 nights

Mas Vermell - Fontanilles - Girona

Price program + stay: € 950

Early booking discount until 12/7: € 799

Welcome and warm welcome on site (from 4 pm)

Stay in double rooms. Single with supplement on request.

The rooms are designed as apartments with 1/2 bathrooms and have a fully equipped kitchen and private terrace.

Flight or travel not included (see travel tips at the bottom of the page)


  • Outdoor pool

  • Sun terrace

  • BBQ facilities

  • Terrace

  • Garden with lawn for sunbathing

  • Herbs and vegetable garden

  • Public parking is free. Parking is available on site. Reservation is not necessary.

  • Electric bicycles

  • Hair dryer

  • Washing machine

This regeneration requires openness and physical health for the numerous (nature) excursions. This formula is not suitable for people with a burnout or serious psychological problems.

Program (preliminary)


4 pm Arrival

5 pm Opening and introduction

6.30 pm Dinner

20h Lesson / exercise

9.30 pm free time: walking, chilling and journaling

Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Saturday - Sunday

8 am Mindfulness, do-in, yoga or silent walk

09h Breakfast

10:30 am Lesson / exercise / excursion

12.30 pm Lunch

1.30 pm Free time: walking, swimming and chilling

5 pm Lesson / exercise / excursion (sometimes from 3 pm Depending on the activity)

6.30 pm dinner

20h Lesson / exercise

9.30 pm Free time: walking, chilling and journaling


Day off


8am Mindfulness, do-in, yoga or silent walk

09.00 Breakfast

10:30 am Mindful closing

12 noon Light lunch


3 healthy meals per day are included. Water, coffee and tea are available all day long. Other drinks are welcome but not included.

Tell us what your favorite dish is and we will gladly put it on the menu.

Possibly an excursion is planned followed by a restaurant visit, at your own expense.

Get out and transport on site

Included if part of the program.

Electric bicycles are available which are free for a short ride and for a small day or half day charge.

Private trips are in terms of transport and costs are not included.


WiFi is available in public areas. This service is free. In order to fully recharge your batteries, we recommend keeping GSM usage to a minimum.


As true Belgians, we all speak our own language. I am multilingual myself and I like to adapt to the group. So that it remains easily understandable for everyone and language barriers do not get a grip on the social aspect of this retreat. My experience shows that these are the best ways to connect.

Or not completely convinced? Then read on


What are we doing?

Every day we work on a theme that brings us closer to our "quintessence". We integrate nature and the environment in the exercises. I always sketch the theoretical framework in advance, which is also included in a handy reference work. We give others the space and time to fully experience the experience (often in silence) and exchange afterwards. Interaction is important, but just as quiet and deepening.

How does a day go?

Every day there is a moment of reflection and rest on the program. This can be done in a group or individually. One day we also go to the beach to greet the sun.

We eat a healthy breakfast and start with the first part of the day where training and coaching complement each other.

After lunch, we allow ourselves time to settle things mentally, physically and emotionally. We enjoy the pool, the garden and the surroundings

In the afternoon we build up further with an excursion or an exercise and I also provide you with handy tools or tools to further explore the theme.

We have the evening meal where attention is given to mindful eating and gratitude.

Then I close the day to integrate the learned things. Then there is time for an evening stroll, some journaling or downright relaxation in the area

Healthy dose of relaxation

We slow down, rest and reflect. This renewal week aims to come to ourselves, you cannot accelerate that. It's about the experience, living things through and taking them in.

There are also times when you can discover the area yourself with your own transport.

We are also taking cultural action

There are many interesting cultural attractions in the area: museums (Dali), historical villages, monasteries, ...

And also:

  • Eating together and sharing pleasant moments

  • Laugh and have fun

  • Making time for each other and personal conversations

  • Silent moments and enough space to withdraw yourself

A few comments on the previous edition ...

"Enriching, soothing and surprising. It gave me energy, strength and vitality. It was an intense, deep connection with myself"

"A week that I want to experience over and over again, because I know that Muriel will ensure that it always runs optimally "

"This is no ordinary training or coaching, but it is a unique human experience "

You will certainly achieve results in this retreat

  • working together in a small group works

  • appropriate exercises teach you to be yourself more

  • proven methods to discover and use your own possibilities in a fun way

  • you learn to allow attention for yourself from the group

  • techniques to learn to listen to each other

  • experience how silence and nature can inspire

  • you learn to overcome your fear and reticence

  • experiences of others resonate in yourself

  • look in the mirror and love yourself

  • you regain (self) confidence

  • you learn to push your boundaries by taking on a challenge

  • breaking with habits

  • I am your personal coach and anchor point

  • we work in a framework where mutual trust is created

Hey I want to come! Reserve your spot


This retreat is a success formula.

I would like motivated people on the road. That motivation and commitment are important to experience a beneficial and inspiring week together.

We organize an intake to see in advance whether the resourcing week is right for you. We will send you all the information for this quickly.

Thanks! Message sent.


Additional Information - Travel and Airports

To go by plane, you can choose from four different airports:

Girona (Gerona)
• Is closest to Fontanilles

• Distance: 54 km

• Duration: 45 minutes

• Péage: It is also possible to avoid toll roads

• Distance: 106 km

• Duration: 1 hour 30 min

• Péage: 2 times péage € 3.5 and € 2.9, so € 6.4

• Distance: 150 km

• Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes

• Péage: 2 times € 1.61 and € 8.10 so € 9.71

• taking the coastal road via Palamos saves fees and is more convenient.

• Distance 209 km

• Duration: 2 hours 35 minutes

• Péage: 2 times € 14.60

If you rent a car, pay attention with Goldcar! At first sight they are the cheapest, but they are notorious for charging all kinds of surcharges. You can find testimonials via Google.

The car

If you adhere to the speed limits, you should allow at least 12 hours of driving.


Quitentessence is an event organized by Muriel Vastenaekel for Unlock Potential. Click here to return to the Unlock Potential website

The number of participants is limited - Priority for Unlock Potential's existing customers

Your reservation is final after a positive intake and after payment of the registration fee.