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Success training for managers

Make the best of your abilities and perform better!

Our success training is available to managers in the form of individual coaching as well as group coaching – whatever is your comfort level. The primary purpose of this training is to help you perform better in your current job or take the right steps towards the desired promotion. This will be achieved through developing a number of desired skills and building self-confidence that can help you work better with your team and colleagues. This training will give you the needed traction to inspire your colleagues and management and gain more appreciation from them. We will also make ample use of stimulants from nature and draw equivalents between how nature works and what positive impact it can have on your decisions and actions. . 

Why choose our Success Training? 

  • You want to get more out of yourself but don't know how. 

  • You cannot muster enough courage to aim higher because you lack self-confidence. 

  • Your contribution at work is under-appreciated or simply overlooked. 

  • You cannot prove your worth at your job. 

  • It's difficult for you to delegate and consequently, end-up doing too much work.

  • You are not making a significant impact. 

Our Approach 

Both our group coaching and individual coaching consist of time-tested coaching techniques and a number of proven systematic methods. 

In the individual training sessions the training is completely tailored around you. All the exercises are adjusted according to your personality and individual goals. 

In group training sessions you get to observe the others and learn from them. You can compare your progress vis-à-vis their progress. You bond with other group members and draw encouragement and energy from them. 

The lush green outdoors are used optimally for both coaching and individual training sessions. In the verdant environment you feel more open towards sharing your thoughts with your coach as well as with your group members. 

Want to change from individual coaching to group coaching and vice-versa? You can do that after the initial introduction if you feel like. 

Why Unlock Potential ? 

  • Realize own potential.

  • Personalized approach. 

  • Pragmatic method.

  • Individual guidance. 

  • Fast results. 

  • Experienced coach. 

  • Tailored assistance. 

  • No waiting list. 

Individual Succes Training

Your Succes

  • Customized 

  • Personality test 

  • Self-reflection 

  • Meta programs 

  • Communication training 

  • Management style flexibility

3 sessions - 90 min 

+ online support 

350 Euro


Improve your public speaking skills 

  • Workshop in Dilbeek 

  • Introduction to speaking techniques 

  • Structure of a good presentation

  • Persuasion techniques 

  • Dealing with stage fright 

  • Group exercises 

1 workshop -  1/2 day

75 Euro

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