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Achieve the perfect work-life balance. 

Find balance so that you can enjoy your life better

Life can be full of joy provided you can get rid of all these stresses and doubts that constantly seem to cloud the skies of your existence. Without knowing the proper way, we simply struggle and end up tilting the balance more, bringing in more stress and emotional trauma. Young families are particularly challenged due to the constant pressure of creating an ideal family, meeting social obligations, performing well at work and making sure that the kids get the best schooling. Sometimes, even factors like sports and other family relationships can cause you stress. Through individual coaching we can help you get to the root cause of this work-life imbalance. We will help you set priorities. We will help you focus on important tasks while learning to ignore the unimportant ones. All this while, we take ample help from the nearby nature spot to clear the cobwebs, feel one with nature, and make the right choices. 

Can you relate to these? 

  • You feel life isn't offering you enough. 

  • You are never satisfied with your performance. 

  • You wonder how the others combine everything so well. 

  • Your entire day is consumed by mundane, non-important tasks. 

  • Somehow, you just seem to get by. 

  • You have begun to think that happiness and success are not for you. 

If you can recognize these traits in your life, a work-life coach can help you. We can help you get rid of stress. We can systematically help you increase your capacity. We can help you sort out your schedule so that you learn to ignore the unimportant and focus on the important. As you work towards building a more realistic self-image, the new realization automatically brings satisfaction and joy to your life. 

Is it just about achieving work-life balance? 

Certainly not. Although work may cause you stress, it is not often the only reason for skewed relationships. Due to social media and digitization, we are constantly comparing ourselves with others and create unnecessary professional expectations. Hence, our formula also works well if you are on the verge of losing balance even outside of your work. If your energy is being constantly sucked by relationship problems, doubts about bringing up your children, taking care of your parents and family and other social conflicts, we can help you get a grip of the situation and put your life back on track. 

Our approach 

We follow a pragmatic personal approach. It is a combination of conversations, exercises and techniques, many of which are performed outdoors in nature. 
Why Unlock Potential ? 

  • Personalized approach. 

  • Pragmatic method.

  • Individual guidance. 

  • Fast results. 

  • Experienced coach. 

  • Tailored assistance. 

  • No waiting list. 

Individual coaching

Your Balance

  • Customization 

  • Simplicity 

  • Spatial and creative exercises 

  • Meditative exercises 

  • Timely rests 

  • Monitoring 

3 sessions - 90 min 

+ feedback

350 Euro

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