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Enjoy 5 weeks of free Me-time

in nature

with the Finnish METSAMIELI method for mental recovery

Find out for yourself

Why is this right for you?

  • Good exercise is healthy

  • To relax is to make time for yourself

  • A guided walk broadens your horizons

  • You get more out of nature than you think

  • Your brain needs oxygen

  • You take the time to slow down

  • The method is scientifically based


Muriel Vastenaekel is a certified Metsämieli walking coach and NLP Master Practioner.

She guides people with stress, burnout and anyone who is looking for a better balance between work and life.

She now offers you the introduction to Metsämieli for free in a 5-week program.

With a new mental exercise every week.

With which you can completely recharge your batteries


5 useful podcasts

You listen to the podcast on your mobile phone during your Metsämieli

nature walk

Unlimited access to replay at your own pace

Facebook group

Access to a private facebook group in which we share experiences

Personal feedback moment with Muriel


Free inspiring photo album for the 10 first decision makers

to the value

29 Euro

My tips for discovering original nature reserves and unpaved paths


I often went for a walk to relax. By really experiencing nature, I learned to find the peace that I so needed.

Thank you Muriel for your positivism and patience.


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This is an offer from Muriel Vastenaekel for

Unlock Potential gcv

Jan Martin Van Lierdelaan 11

1701 Itterbeek - Dilbeek

Tel 0471232888

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www.unlockpotential, be

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